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At Bata Industrials we believe that people work at their best when they are better equipped and protected. We improve their working lives by delivering the highest quality safety footwear, designed to meet the demands of hard working people wherever they are in the world. Through our continuous innovation processes we develop new features and designs which contribute to safety, comfort, vitality, durability and quality. At Bata Industrials we believe that with our footwear you feel better at work.


Quality+ is a Bata Industrials® standard. It is our own method for guaranteeing the highest quality products and service levels. It goes beyond the accepted regional norms. This means that Bata Industrials® production, products and service remain at the highest levels.  


All our products are tested and certified beyond the regional norms. Our Quality+ level is among the highest in the industry.


We maintain the highest levels of quality by using the best materials, partners and suppliers. All our products carry a minimum 6 month guarantee.



Our manufacturing processes are kept efficient and up to date. Allowing for the fastest and highest quality footwear production around the world.


Quality+ goes beyond producing the highest quality footwear. We offer the highest levels of service in the industry. We know that service levels must be as high the quality of our product.

Our Ranges

  • Mon - Thurs
  • Friday 
  • Phone

  • 8:30AM - 5:00PM
  • 8:00AM - 2:30PM
  • 031-822 3688/9 

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